Exploring Pekin IL Historical Heritage – A City You Should Visit

Pekin IL

Pekin IL is a city located in Tazewell County, Illinois. The city has a rich history and architecture that are worth exploring.

Pekin was originally settled in the early 1820s and was later incorporated as a city in 1849. The name Pekin was inspired by the ancient Chinese capital of Beijing, which was then known as Peking.

Pekin’s history is reflected through its numerous buildings and landmarks. For example, the Tazewell County Courthouse, built in 1914, reflects the neoclassical architectural style popular during that time period. Another landmark worth visiting is the Mineral Springs Park Pavilion, which was built in 1937 and features Art Deco design elements.

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Exploring Pekin’s Rich History and Architecture

The city of Pekin boasts a wealth of historic buildings and architectural marvels, providing visitors with a tangible sense of the area’s rich and storied past.

One such example is the Tazewell County Courthouse, built in 1916 and designed by architect George H. Miller in the Classical Revival style. The courthouse features an impressive dome and grand entrance, as well as intricate interior details such as marble columns and stained glass windows.

Another notable building is the Miller-Davis Law Building, constructed in 1892. This three-story brick structure was also designed by George H. Miller and features decorative elements including stone carvings and ornate metalwork.

Other historic sites in Pekin include the old City Hall, Pekin Public Library, and several homes dating back to the mid-1800s. Together, these buildings offer a glimpse into Pekin’s vibrant history through their architecture and design.

Outdoor Recreation in Pekin’s Parks and Trails

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore a variety of natural landscapes and activities in the parks and trails throughout Pekin.

Mineral Springs Park, for example, offers a beautiful lake, playgrounds, picnic areas, and nature trails that wind through scenic wooded areas. The park also features an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts.

Another popular destination is McNaughton Park, which covers over 800 acres of land with hiking trails that showcase the stunning Illinois River Valley views. Visitors can also enjoy fishing at the park’s pond or disc golf on one of the courses available.

Additionally, there are several other parks in Pekin that provide opportunities for outdoor recreation such as Lagoon Park and John T. McNaughton Rose Garden.

Overall, Pekin’s parks and trails offer an abundance of options for those looking to spend time outdoors surrounded by nature.

Community Events and Local Culture in Pekin, IL

Community events and local culture in Pekin offer a diverse range of experiences to engage with the city’s vibrant community.

The city hosts several festivals throughout the year that showcase its rich cultural heritage, such as the Marigold Festival which celebrates the flower that is native to Pekin and is also the official state flower of Illinois.

The festival includes live music, food vendors, carnival rides, a parade, and a pageant.

Another popular event is the Pekin Farmers’ Market held every Saturday from May through October at Mineral Springs Park.

Here visitors can find fresh produce, artisan crafts, and baked goods.

In addition to seasonal events, Pekin has several permanent cultural institutions worth visiting.

For those interested in local history, the Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society operates a museum dedicated to preserving artifacts from Pekin’s past.

Overall, community events and cultural institutions provide ample opportunities for residents and visitors alike to learn more about Pekin’s unique character and connect with its vibrant community.


Pekin, IL boasts a rich history and architectural landscape that is worth exploring. The city has preserved many of its historic buildings, including the Tazewell County Courthouse and the Mineral Springs Motel. Visitors can take guided tours or explore on their own to learn about Pekin’s past.

In addition to its historical sites, Pekin offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The city has numerous parks and trails, including Mineral Springs Park and the Rock Island Greenway Trail. These green spaces provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Pekin’s community events and local culture also make it a unique destination. From farmers’ markets to live music performances, there is always something happening in this vibrant city. 

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or simply want to explore new places in your own backyard, Pekin is definitely worth a visit.