Peoria Civic Center – A Place You Must Visit

Welcome to the Peoria Civic Center! Located in downtown Peoria, Illinois, this multi-purpose venue has been hosting events of all kinds since 1982. 

From concerts and conferences to sports games and conventions, it’s no wonder why the Civic Center is one of the most popular event destinations in the Midwest. 

Whether you’re visiting for a special occasion or just looking for an exciting night out with friends and family, you won’t be disappointed by all that this unique center has to offer. 

Come explore what makes this venue so special!

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Events at the Civic Center

You won’t want to miss the exciting events happening at Peoria Civic Center! From concerts and comedy shows to sports tournaments and conventions, the Civic Center has something for everyone.

The arena offers a wide range of seating options so you can get up close to your favorite performers or have an unobstructed view of the action on the court.

There’s also a theater space that provides an intimate setting for plays, musicals, lectures, and other performances.

Plus, don’t forget about all the delicious food available in their concession stands! With all these options at your fingertips, you’re sure to find something that interests you.

Whether it’s a popular artist or a local production, attending an event at Peoria Civic Center is sure to be a memorable experience.

History of the Civic Center

Come explore the storied past of this amazing building!

Peoria Civic Center is a multi-purpose facility located in downtown Peoria, Illinois. It opened its doors in 1982 and has since hosted various events such as concerts, conventions, business meetings, and sports competitions.

The center features two large halls: Exhibit Hall A boasts 40,000 square feet while Exhibit Hall B offers 15,500 square feet. Additionally, the Civic Center also includes three meeting rooms and the historic 2,367-seat theater known as Peoria Theater.

This amazing venue has seen some of the world’s biggest names like Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks perform on its stage! 

Throughout the years it has been host to many different activities and continues to be a place where people can come together to celebrate their culture or share an experience with others.

Benefits of Visiting the Civic Center

Experience the unique atmosphere of the Civic Center and let yourself be swept away by its captivating energy!

This place is an ideal destination for entertainment, conventions, meetings, and events. It is located in downtown Peoria, Illinois, and offers a variety of attractions such as art exhibitions, sports competitions, concerts, and more.

Inside the building, you’ll find six banquet rooms that can accommodate up to 800 people for a sit-down dinner or up to 1,500 people for general sessions. There are also two large theaters with a seating capacity of over 2200 guests each.

The Civic Center also offers other amenities such as free parking access in surrounding lots and garages, convenient lounge areas, ample restrooms on all levels, and an interactive exhibit hall where visitors can explore historical artifacts from past events.

With its convenient location near several restaurants and hotels, visiting the Civic Center is a great way to enjoy an unforgettable day out with friends or family. 

Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or just some quality time with loved ones, this place has something for everyone!


You’ve had a great time at the Peoria Civic Center! From concerts to conventions, this venue has something for everyone.

You’ve learned about its history and the many benefits of visiting. Now you know why it’s such an important part of the city.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or education, the Center is sure to have something that will make your experience memorable. 

So don’t miss out on all that this amazing venue has to offer – come visit today!